Hey guys,

I’m sorry to report that Manteca hasn’t found a home at 339 Communipaw Avenue.  This wasn’t due to lack of interest or community support in the slightest.

Dieandra, the staff and I would like to thank our neighbors for their humongous support and eagerness to make this place a reality.  Ken, Kendall, Patrick, Betsy, Boz, Rosie, Angus, Pete, Wendy, Susan, Ivan, Jayne, Jamie, Raymond, Edoris, Hulbert, Uta, Adam, Amanda, Tony, Russ, Steve, Yankee, Janelle, Giselle, Rebecca, Michelle and everyone else pushed and pushed to make a place Bergen Lafayette could be proud of.  You guys are the backbone of the neighborhood and no place could be 1/10 as successful without supporters like you.  THANK YOU!

While I wish circumstances were different, there is no way to move forward in the space as planned.  I continue to love BeLa/BerLa/Communipaw/Lafayette and will still be around to visit friends and help in any way I can to make the neighborhood the destination it ought to be. 

Every one of you has my sincerest gratitude and best wishes for 2013.


Joe Dell’Armi
Manteca Restaurant